Wenqing Zhai is Part of the New Generation of Talented Artists Coming Out of China

by Rubén Palma
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Wenqing Zhai (b.1998 in Dalian, China) is a painter working and living in Beijing, China.

Her work explores the possibilities of paralleling the anxiety people in the contemporary world have about the accelerated pace of ongoing events. She finds her chaotic experience of frequent relocation since childhood to be an echo of the depressed and detached individuality in emphasized social norms and development. She is interested in depicting the phenomenon of people constantly wandering between drifting away and redeeming themselves during the aftermath of rapidly-developed high-tech. Her primary inspiration comes from her own self and her recurring conflict of mind about turning into a Luddite and refusing to be abandoned by society. She chooses to use vibrant colors and a loud composition in her work to create a sense of insecurity. Wenqing continues to explore the connection between the social and mental status of individuals who are controlled and guided by tittytainment. She also believes that a combination of collage and dark humor in her artwork can help demonstrate the temporary pleasure that tittytainment brings while also fulfilling her ideology of self-awareness and self-criticism.”

For more information about Wenqing, check out her Instagram and website.

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