Post Malone Presents Merchandise Collection of His Wine Brand ‘Maison No.9’

by Ruben P

A few weeks ago Post Malone gave us the news that he was going to launch a brand of French Rosé wine called Maison No. 9 and although we don’t know the launch date yet, we can already enjoy it thanks to the merchandise line he just dropped

This collection is inspired by the different logos of the brand, so you can wear them in white, or in black, on sweatshirts, shirts, balls and wherever you want because there are also stickers for you.

But the corporate details of Maison No. 9 have a good explanation behind, since the favorite tarot card of Post Malone is the Nine of Cups, because it represents the overcoming of challenges that we face every day.

In addition, they have also chosen the Gothic typography as a hallmark, which gives the brand the seriousness and elegance that a good wine needs.

The pre-order of the 750 bottles of rosé wine is available now and they will start sending them out in June.

.Photos: Maison No. 9

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