BAPE x Tamagotchi

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A surprising fusion of past and present sees A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and Bandai‘s iconic Tamagotchi brand come together in a creative partnership, harmonizing the timeless toy with the contemporary streetwear sensibilities of the Japanese brand.

BAPE’s interests extend beyond just cutting-edge tech; they also have a soft spot for nostalgia, as evidenced by their latest collaboration with the legendary virtual pet brand, Tamagotchi, harking back to an era of digital simplicity. This unique alliance paves the way for the introduction of brand-new Tamagotchi gadgets for nurturing virtual pets, alongside a curated fashion collection.

The fresh iteration of Tamagotchi preserves the familiar egg-shaped design, providing users with a digital companion they can feed, train, and engage with. In an exciting twist, this digital pet now boasts the distinctive Ape iconography and BAPE’s signature camouflage pattern on its exterior. Complementing this, the fashion line includes a trio of stylish T-shirts and a trendy hoodie, uniting the worlds of gaming and fashion in a bold and imaginative way.

Photos: BAPE / Tamagogotchi

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