Daniel Arsham Announces New Collaboration With Pokémon & Uniqlo UT

by Rubén Palma
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Daniel Arsham just announced his new collaboration with Pokémon and Uniqlo UT on his Instagram.

He has done so through a short animated clip of Pikachu that finds a large sculpture of himself. The teaser animation reflects Pokemon’s previous aesthetic style when the show first debuted, offering an intriguing contrast between Arsham’s modern concept and retro-inspired imagery. According to the publication, Arsham is “the first visual artist to access the Pokémon Archive” and has been working with the Pokémon company and its animators for the past year. Additionally, Arsham notes that he intends for his “work to infiltrate the Pokémon universe.” The next Uniqlo UT collaboration will be a capsule from a line of other projects with Pokémon that will be featured later.

Daniel Arsham’s collaboration with Pokémon and Uniqlo UT will launch globally on April 24 on the Uniqlo webstore.


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