Diesel x Polygiene Collaborate on Jeans That Keeps Viruses Away

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The COVID19 pandemic has obviously turned many things upside down, and people are thinking a bit more about how they carry bacteria and germs around. Diesel has also been in the think tank about thiss, and it has resulted in a brand new product.

Diesel has collaborated with Swedish Polygiene, which has developed ViralOff – a textile treatment that has been proven to reduce viruses in the fabric by 99% in two hours.

The Swedish company began their research when the SARS epidemic was at its height – and today they are collaborating with, among others, adidas – and now Diesel.

Diesel has now been given the exclusive rights to this treatment method on the denim fabric, and this means that from now on you will be able to buy Diesel jeans that carry the ViralOff brand – and do not have to be afraid of catching an infection when you just – yes you do – sniff to the pants, to find out if they have to be washed.

The ViralOff treatment is worn in the fabric itself throughout its life – and then you can certainly extend the life of the trousers by giving it a little less washing.


Photos: Diesel x Polygiene

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