Joelle Cipriotti is a Young Interesting Painter Who Finds Healing Within Her Art

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Joelle Cipriotti is an abstract multimedia artist and self-taught oil painter, located in Northern Virginia. They discovered the world of oil painting in early 2019 and have explored many different facets of the medium through her work. Although they create art strictly for their own enjoyment, their greatest dream is to inspire those around them to begin exploring different mediums of self-expression, whether that be through painting, photography, or even dance. Through art they can release intense emotions which in turn shows observers the utter chaos that their subconscious mind needs to liberate. Joelle’s work involves different aspects of spirituality and encourages the self-discovery of one’s psyche. Art gives them the ability to release her own fears and traumas.

“I am fortunate enough to find healing within it and wish it to evoke a sense of joy and relatability in others. I don’t believe I have a niche style that I strictly adhere to, as I’m willing and interested in exploring all types of media but working abstractly is how I would classify my work. I love to have a shock factor in my pieces that will visually satisfy my observers and keep them curious as to what I will create next. I want to show the “invisible” side of what goes on in a person’s mind or life, relating to other people in my pieces always makes me feel safe to know I am not the only person feeling these emotions.”

– Joelle Cipriotti

For more information about Joelle, check out her Instagram and Linktree.

“Draw this in your own style” of artist Adam Yate‘s character: “Souless Being”

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