Joshua Vides “When Time Stood Still”

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Joshua Vides recently presented his new solo exhibition, titled “When Time Stood Still.” The new exhibition was on display for in-person viewing at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles..

The exhibitions common denominator is how the pandemic crisis of 2020 has affected the artist’s life, and consists of 12 pieces of art, where each piece is a classic timepiece, like Rolex, Cartier and G-Shock, displaying frozen hands, reflecting the standstill of time. In this presentation Vides looks internally and focuses on family, human connections, and health

“Each piece represents a month from this year as well as a different walk of life. There was a moment in 2020 where regardless of class, race, religion, or sex. time stood still.”

– Joshua Vides

Check out Reality to Idea for more information about “When Time Stood Still“.

Photos: Joshua Vides

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