Lisse Declercq is Part of The New Generation of Talented Artists Coming Out of Belgium

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Lisse Declercq is a Belgian artist born in Lüdenscheid (DE). She has an MFA in Painting from the MAD-FAC School of Arts in Hasselt (BE). 

Declercq elaborated her painting techniques and foundations by watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. She bends this language to stage social selfies, an awareness of a certain reality, and its effects on ways of looking. In this culture of the copy, this millennial painter moves between fantasy and reality while calling into question authenticity. Declercq questions the longing for perfection, the copy-paste Instagram/ media aesthetics as an impossible, endless battle of unwillingly and unknowingly playing a part in a “reality show” in a virtual media reality.

For more information about Lisse, check out her Instagram.

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