Matthew Reed & His Intriguing Paintings of Everyday Life

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Matthew Reed, 33, is a painter based in Asheville, NC. Having grown up in upstate New York, Reed’s latest work pulls direct inspiration from the area. He sifts through the deep recesses of Facebook: friend’s of friend’s of friend’s profiles, the old bar he use to frequent’s business page, the MLM schemes veiled behind the guise of life updates. Reed chooses to paint the scenes that are easily forgotten in most people’s scrolling. Overlaying them with surrealist imagery, he removes them from reality once more. Through this filtration Reed gets closer to the original intent of the sharer, transforming the mundane into the memorable. By shining a light on the irreverent nature of ignorance, he finds the true beauty in the people and things who should have never had an audience in the first place.

For more information about Matthew, check out his Instagram.

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