Mr. Slowboy illustrates the SS21 for Sebago

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Fei Wang, aka Mr. Slowboy, known for his unmistakable menswear designs, has been commissioned to illustrate Sebago’s recent Spring / Summer campaign.

The 40-year-old Anglo-Chinese artist, born in Beijing and living in London since 2015, has a real passion for men’s fashion, especially the American Ivy League style. This is the common denominator between Mr. Slowboy and Sebago.

“I am a slow person; slow on almost everything. Among my friends, I am always the last to understand the joke. I’m sure I also like slow fashion, which are classic designs.”

– Mr. Slowboy

The illustrations represent the 3 lines of the brand, Docksides, Citysides and Campsides through 8 drawings by the artist.

Images: Mr. Slowboy

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