Nanamica FW23

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Nanamica, presents its vision for the autumn-winter 2023 season, organized into three distinct categories: Heading to the Office, Home-Tech Wear, and One Ocean All Lands. Additionally, the Any Time Works line, while embodying the essence of the Japanese brand, is not limited to a specific activity.

The first category, Heading to the Office, caters to city-dwelling creatives and emphasizes waterproof garments infused with cutting-edge Gore-Tex technology. These products are designed to withstand urban environments while prioritizing style and functionality.

The Home-Tech Wear line focuses on comfortable attire that seamlessly blends with contemporary aesthetics, keeping in mind the demands of remote work and daily life at home. Functionality takes precedence in this line, ensuring that individuals can carry out their activities with ease.

Lastly, One Ocean All Lands, offers outdoor apparel specifically crafted for use in oceanic environments. This collection provides garments suited for adventures and activities by the sea, combining durability and performance with style.

Each line represents Nanamica’s dedication to delivering purposeful clothing that meets the distinct needs of various settings and lifestyles.

Photos: Nanamica

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