Our Legacy Fall 23 “Bold”

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Our Legacy is renowned for its innovative approach to deconstructed tailoring and its infusion of fresh vitality into workwear. Presenting the Fall 23 campaign, the brand continues to redefine fashion.

Earlier this year, Our Legacy introduced its Autumn/Winter 2023 collection at Milan Fashion Week. Today, they unveil the Fall 23 campaign, beautifully captured through the lens of Luca Grottoli and styled by the dynamic duo of Nicole Walker and Leon Röse.

This season, tailoring takes center stage for the Stockholm-based brand, infused with a grunge-inspired twist. The collection comes to life as its diverse range of garments finds purpose in various everyday scenarios.

Prepare to be captivated by oversized blazers, complete with bold shoulder volumes, while trousers make a statement with their loose-fitting silhouette. Shirts, in all their diversity, come in varying lengths and layers, upholding an indie sleaze aesthetic that’s effortlessly cool.

The launch also introduces a selection of cozy knitwear, including ribbed mohair cardigans, alongside vintage-inspired bombers and blouses. Not to be overlooked are the slightly distressed leather jackets, stylish jeans, sharp-pointed boots, and slender scarves, all contributing to an eclectic and expressive fashion narrative.

Photos: Our Legacy / Luca Grottoli

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