Paloma Rose Transforms Obsessions and Emotions Into Exquisite Jewelry Creations

by Rubén Palma
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Paloma Rose (b.1990), is a jewelry designer based out of Copenhagen, specializing in silver and beads. During the past couple of years she has made a name for herself on social media, with her unique and handcrafted pieces, earning her a dedicated following. Paloma’s innovative approach to jewelry design sets her apart in a world filled with creative talent, so join us as we explore the mind of this up-and-coming jewelry designer, where silver and beads transform into stunning works of wearable art.

Hi Paloma! It’s a pleasure to sit down with you! First question that I always ask. How does a regular day look like for you in Copenhagen?

Right now I’m doing a collaboration with a clothing designer, we’re designing a collection together where we mix clothes and jewelry. I’m about to make all the ‘proto-types’ which I shape in fimo-clay, so that’s what I do but at home because I need an owen. So; I wake up, drink coffee, eat porridge, take a bath and then start my day at around 9.30, where I just sit in my living room and shape and shape and shape. Then I walk my very beloved chow chow dog Apollo, make dinner, eat with my boyfriend, watch tv shows and sleep. That’s a very typical day, at least monday-wednesday, hehe.

I’m curious. Growing up, what kind of kid were you, what did you enjoy doing and how did you spend your time?

My parents have always told me that I was a weird kid. I was always drawing and kind of shy. I didn’t have lots of friends, probably because I enjoyed my ‘own world’ more than playing with others. I also didn’t want to play with toys, and especially not barbies (I remember crying once, when I got one as a Christmas present). So my room was filled with teddy bears (so it looked like a child’s room), and a desk filled with paper and pencils. Oh, and then I was constantly singing! I actually wanted to be a popstar when I was little) HUGE Spice Girl fan, and I could sing all the songs even though I was only 5 or 6.

When did you start showing an interest in jewelry and jewelry design? Cause you’re self taught right?

It’s funny because I have never been interested in jewelry. I’ve always thought it was boring and small, so if I wore jewelry it was something big statement-ish, something dramatic. But that was pretty hard to find 5 years ago. I’ve always said ‘I don’t want a diamond ring on my finger, I’d rather have a big fat Rolex on my arm, if someone proposes’ haha. BUT, back in 2020, when there was corona, I was pretty bored but discovered a new interesting trend; young boys wearing bead necklaces. I was obsessed and ran down to Beadhouse which is a bead store near Nørreport, and bought for like 1000 kr beads, and began producing at home. I was lucky that some of my influencer friends loved them, and then I began to sell them.

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Around 8 months later I went to a bead store in Berlin which has all the exclusive beads like murano, crystals etc… and then my necklaces got really interesting I think. It actually took me around a year before I was like ‘Omg I want to be a real jewelry designer, I want to learn the craftsmanship and make exclusive, dramatic, statement silver jewelry.’ BUT I had no clue how to do it (I had a bachelor in marketing and that was my real job). So I found a jewelry education at KEA and I was so lucky to get in, in 2021, and THAT’S where the magic began!;) I learned how to make real massive silver jewelry, and then my brand went from ‘cute and crafty’ bead necklaces, to exclusive silver jewelry.

So what do you think it is about jewelry that resonates so well with you? And not clothing design or furniture design for example?

Good question. I think jewelry was interesting for me because I wanted to ‘interrupt’ boring small jewelry designs, and create the jewelry I’ve missed my whole life. So it was kind of an interesting challenge. (Even though the last two years the competition has gotten insane, I was not prepared for that haha). But I have ALWAYS LOVED fashion as well, and i love to trend forecast, but do we need more clothes? And the competition is insane, there are so many talented clothing designers out there, and I don’t like it if I don’t have the feeling of being able to ‘bring something new to the table’. I think as a designer your nobel task is to surprise people with interesting designs, it can never be boring or seen before. To me it’s all in the idiom/design language. If you don’t have a strong idiom it’s impossible to stand out. If i didn’t create jewelry I actually think I would make clay art. I love the instant result in clay, it’s very intuitive and fulfilling.

Seing that you already have an established brand / name. What was it like starting in school, where your class mates are starting from 0? Tell me a little bit about that experience. Also, I should probably mention that you’re currently studying to earn a BA in Jewelrydesign. My question is. Why? When you already got your own thing going?

I think ‘established brand’ is a big word, because I was only making bead necklaces when I started at school, and I felt very limited with them. I had so many ideas in my head that couldn’t become real, because I did not know how to make real silver jewelry. But the school taught me that, and that was a big relief! But YES of course there were some differences, because I already knew what I would create opposite my classmates who were most interested in the ‘craft.’ So in that way they started from scratch, and I already had my whole vision for my brand. It has been problematic working in groups in school, because I think the artistic level has been low, so often people didn’t get my ideas and that has been a pretty lonely feeling. So yes, I have definitely missed some like-minded people in my class, and that is why I’m so happy and grateful for my collaboration, because for the first time I feel seen in my ideas and vice versa. But I think there is a problem with the education, because we don’t have lessons in design, only in craft, economy, and branding. And I think it’s important to be taught how to find your own design language/idiom and what makes a good design, you know? How not to design mainstream, make a concept, a strong uniserve and bring something new to the table, because people deserve that. The world needs it.

Can you walk me through your creative process. From beginning, to end result?

Normally when you make jewelry you start with prototyping in wax or create the design in a 3D program called Rhino, then you 3D print it and then you cast it in silver or gold. But neither of these methods worked for me, because Rhino is just too advanced for me, it’s like math at A level, you have to think SO logically, and my brain just crashes haha! Then the wax was too hard for me, like I couldn’t shape my vision out of it. SO, I needed to seek other ways and I found fimo clay, which for me, is a genius material! It’s soft and you can shape whatever you want, so that’s what I do. It starts with a drawing, then I shape i fimo clay, then I make a rubber casting so there is a negative space of the design, then fluid wax in it, and then cast in silver. Long proces haha!

Silver, pearls, ceramics etc… How do you source the various materials you use for your designs?

We can cast our jewelry in massive sterling silver at our school, or at Platon Cph, which is where I cast. The beads I get from Beadhouse, and the bead store in Berlin (I won’t tell the name of it;) and just online if i found something funny and interesting.

You talked a little bit about this earlier. Can you elaborate on it some more.. Like all sectors of design, the competition is known to be crazy. So how do you deal with competition? What’s your mindset like? Do you have a strategy?

Oh yes. The competition is INSANE. There are so many talented jewelry designers out there and it can be a little intimidating but also very motivating to do better. Because of my school many of my ideas become projects, so it has been a little problematic to focus 100% on my own brand and that gives me the feeling of ‘it’s not good enough’. But from January I’ll drop out of school, and then I will make a strong strategy for my brand, build a beautiful website, put money in online ads etc… Because right now I can definitely not live off my brand! I would also love to have a business partner who rocks where i suck, like the economy, ads, websites, etc. That would be amazing!

With that in mind. How do you stay updated on current trends?

I think if you are a creative, observant and open minded person, it’s hard not to be updated, in this world we live in. My friends, Instagram, my boyfriend, art, and strangers update me every single day. I also love to analyze trends, so if there is a current trend, let’s say poor-core, then the next trend is almost always the opposite of the current. I believe strongly in aristocracy-core, you know the ‘rich mom energy’ ‘old luxury’ kind of thing is the next, which you already see now. I also believe more in ‘tribes’ than trends because there are just too many trends to cope with. So it’s just more meaningful ‘to dress to belong’ to a specific tribe, and in that tribe there are of course trends, but just fewer you know? It’s all about being highly selective about trends, rather than doing them all, you get way more respect for that, because it’s authentic.

So rather ‘DRESS TO BELONG’ than ‘DRESS TO IMPRESS’. is the vibe right now.

Any future projects in the works?

Yes. My collaboration with the clothing designer will be released in february, but i can’t say more than that:)

With that in mind, how do you deal with creative blocks?

I look. Look at art, inspiring people, go to events, see my friends, drink, think, analyze the current trend to forecast the next, draw, shape, walk, watch tv shows, give myself a break.

What motivates you?

The feeling of bringing something new to the table.

How would you describe a perfect day?

Sleep until i wake up with no alarm with my boyfriend Morten, take a walk in the sun with Apollo and Morten, go to ‘Kaffeteria’ at SMK to eat their pancakes, go to a cat-farm with all my favorite fluffy cat-races and cuddle them for a couple of hours, go to Dandelion and eat their burgers, go to a concert where Sevdaliza sings for only me, my boyfriend and all my friends (of course i will cry), then we will all go to the most beautiful decorated table in a garden and eat the best food, drink the best nature wine, and party all night. Did i mention that i’m a HUGE ‘livsnyder’?;)

Alright Paloma. I always ask these two questions at the end of an interview. The first is. What’s your favorite movie(s) and why?

It’s a tricky one! I’m waaay more a tv-show kind a girl!;D BUT, if i should choose a movie, I will choose from where i felt the most. I felt the most when I watched ‘The green mile’. I have never cried so many times in a movie. I was only 11 when I watched it, but I can still cry when I think of it, and I don’t even remember in detail what it’s about anymore? How amazing is that! Also I really love Kill Bill!

The second is. What song(s) are you currently listening to the most right now?

‘Troy’ from Sinead O’connor! Amazing song. I just watched a documentary on DR about her, and it was the most heartbreaking and inspiring I have seen in a very long time. Also; i cried A LOT. I just can’t believe how she became such an amazing person with such a horrorful childhood? So extreme and very admirable. Now I’m obsessed with her, and I think I will be for the rest of my life. Some stars never faint.

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