Peter Smiley on his Paintings, Inspirations & More

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Peter Smiley is an interesting, talented up-and-coming artist, based out of Brunswick, Georgia. He creates diverse paintings that lures the observer in through a vibrant display of colors, mysterious characters and energetic backgrounds that tells their own story, which leaves the observers wondering. His pieces offer a unique look through his eyes, as he sees the world.

“Generational curse” (May 2021)

Hi Peter. Thank you for sitting down with me. First question. What was your favorite thing to do growing up?

I use to love listening to music and drawing and coloring in coloring books.

When did you start to paint and why?

Started to paint in 2016 I use to draw all the time as a child but when I got to high school I realized that I needed to get better as a artist.I also discovered artist like Goya and George barques work around the time and got inspired.

“Jokes & old friends”(2022) collab with @stevenhendrx

What items do you use when creating your art?

I use a lot of tools. I use a lot of traditional mediums like brushes, oil sticks, soft pastels you name it! Sometimes digital overlays also.

Who are the characters in your pieces?
The characters are all aspects of my life and some times amalgamations of people I’ve met.

“A Killer smile” hand made tufted wall hanging.

You have been experimenting with tufting, What made you start doing that?

My inner child wanted to try it 

Who or what inspires you?

My purpose inspires me to create the art I create. I feel as if my purpose in life is to be living breathe art and to help people by being just that. Also life in general.

Dysmorphia (2022)

When looking at your pieces, I see sorrow and despair disguised as happyness. How do you feel about that statement?

Always interesting to hear peoples depictions of my visual’s. Definitely can see it. I feel like That’s kinda how the world is as a whole. Very misleading at times to what’s really occurring.

What’s the story behind the tears and what do they represent?

It’s a motif I love to include at times they could mean anything to anybody I feel like they’re very subjective. Personally I feel like they represent reflections & moments of inner clarity or even one’s pursuit of clarity  


The color purple is heavily represented in your art. Why do you think that is?

I didn’t notice this before until more and more people were telling and asking me about the color and my connection to it. Honestly feel likes it’s becoming one of my favorite colors rn. Honestly just love the history of the color specifically during the renaissance era. Also it’s my mother’s favorite color 

“Thugger” (2022)

Who is your favorite artist, and why?

God I have a list but off the top of my head I really love Barry Jenkins the creator of the movie moonlight , Kathy boake, George condo of course, Eiichiro Oda and Rupaul!

For more information about Peter, check out his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“Will the world go crazy?” (2022)
“Run from the sun” (2022)
“I don’t usually do drugs” (2022)
“Show my people how to fly” (2022)
“Starving Artist” (2022)
“Please take me with you” (2022)
“GASLIGHT” (2022)
“Where did our time go?” (2022)
“A walk in the rain” (2022)
“Smile at death” (2021)
“Upper body Anatomy studies” (2022)

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