Prada FW24

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For the Fall / Winter 2024 men’s collection, AMO has conceived a stage that intricately blends the confines of an office interior with the untamed beauty of a natural landscape. With a deliberate focus on accentuating the paradoxical interplay between these two concurrent realms, the showcase delves into the essential truths of human existence, exploring our innate instincts and emotional necessities. This unveiling marked Prada’s introduction of the new collection for the Fall / Winter 2024 season, where the runway transformed into an imaginative setting: office cubicles poised atop a transparent structure, unveiling ponds, rocks, leaves, and other facets of nature.

In this thought-provoking venture led by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, prompting a reconsideration of the intricate relationships and tensions among urban life, work, and nature, the runway presented an array of novel proposals tailored foremost to the functionality and purpose of the garments. Classic tailoring, subtly relaxed in cut, seamlessly merged with oversized, practical bags suited for daily office routines. Alongside these, there existed a harmony with elements such as sandals, balaclavas, and outdoor-ready outerwear, offering a diverse sartorial narrative for the modern man.

Photos: Prada

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