Restaurant Noma Presents POPL

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Ealier this year Double Michelin star winner Restaurant Noma , opened a temporary burger and wine bar in copenhagen, which became wildly popular. And because of that, the team behind Noma has decided to open up a permanent burger joint called POPL. POPL will use the same quality approach to their food as Noma is known for.

Our beef comes from organic farms on Jutland’s west coast in the northern part of the Wadden Sea. For several thousand years, cattle farming has been an essential part of nature conservation in the area’s completely unique ecosystem. The free-ranging cattle are crucial for maintaining the biodiversity of this landscape, i.a. because the animals keep the grass down for the benefit of the rich bird life.


POPL will open on Strandgade 108, 1401 København K, on December 3.

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