Sacha Alexandra in Depth About Her Art, Creative Process, Being Undocumented & More

by Rubén Palma
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SACHA ALEXANDRA‘s digital and augmented reality artwork, created under the name lucii_ferr, has emerged as a meditation aimed at exploring various realms of emotion, authenticity, identity, and belonging. A completely self-taught multidisciplinary artist, she draws inspiration from real-time emotions and frequently incorporates her life experiences as a black woman and an immigrant. 

Born in Besançon, France, she currently resides and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Hi Sacha! Thank you for sitting down with me. First question that I always ask. How does a regular day look like for you in New York?

A typical day in NYC for me if I’m not working at the art gallery, usually begins with grabbing a cup of coffee from my local coffee shop, strolling around my neighborhood, and then settling down at my computer to contemplate what I want to create or learn for the day. 

I’m curious. Growing up, what kind of kid were you, what did you enjoy doing and how did you spend your time?

I’ve always been a very curious child! I’ve always been fascinated by creating things that haven’t been done before. When I was young, I aspired to be an inventor or a doctor.

Do you remember how old were you when you started to play around with different graphic design / 3D programs? And which programs do you use now?

I only started my 3D art journey about 2 years ago during Covid. So, I suppose you could say I entered the game a bit later. My curiosity began when I wanted to learn how to make Instagram filters back in September 2019 and from there my interest in learning about AR, naturally peaked my interest in 3D and coding (which I still barely know lol) grew. I was initially put off by Blender and gave up the first time trying to use it because the interface was so confusing, but just had to push thru and by my second try I was hooked. I currently use Blender, Daz, and Clo3D to create my 3D characters and animations.

With that in mind. What made you gravitate towards 3D / Augmented Reality, and not something more traditionel art like painting or sculpting for example?

In the past, traditional art never fascinated me as much as digital art or experimental art did. I’ve always wanted to create something different. I initially delved into analog photography and instant film in 2017. I first explored analog photography and instant film in 2017. I’ve always maintained an experimental mindset and was particularly captivated by creating double exposure photographs. This interest led me to a desire to share my photos in a tangible and physical manner, prompting me to start crafting stickers and zines using Photoshop. I think I’m drawn to art that pushes boundaries and expands the conventional usage of a medium.

A lot of your work is influenced by fashion and urban culture. What do those two genres mean to you? And how do they influence your everyday life.

Growing up in the city, we’re constantly surrounded by expressions of self, whether it’s through fashion or graffiti. There has always been a sense of individuality and creativity that goes into it so it was only natural to be influenced by this lifestyle.

Have you ever thought about venturing into to the metaverse and create NFTs, seeing that it’s right up your alley?

I was curious to dabble in NFT’s during Covid, but I viewed this more as a pursuit for monetary gain than something that would enhance my creativity. I also never felt secure due to the constant fluctuations in the market so it never really took off for me. 

Staying on the subject. What are your thoughts about the NFT space, and where do you see NFTs compared to physical art, in 10 years?

I believe this will gradually become more natural for people over time. While I certainly recognize its value, but I can also empathize with the reasons why some individuals have developed reservations. I hope to expand my knowledge on this subject more in the future.

Alright Sacha. I’m going to ask you some more serious questions now. I know that you’re living undocumented in America. What brought you there? And how long has It been?

I was born in France (my parents are Senegalese) and came to the US legally when I was 5 years old because my parents immigrated here to study. Over time, my visa expired, and unfortunately, that led me to becoming undocumented. I am currently a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipient, which allows me to legally work in the US, but I cannot obtain any citizenship or greencard. It often feels like being in limbo due to the absence of a clear path towards citizenship. Consequently, my memories primarily revolve around my life here.

I can only imagine what kind of daily stress you must go through. Can you talk to me about what kind of obstacles you have faced? And how it has affected your work and everyday life in general?

Growing up, it was tough because I consistently felt trapped. While my peers were able to pursue college and go thru the transition of being an adult, I felt shame and kept my staus on the down low. I believe this experience is what has driven me to embrace my creativity and strive to push the boundaries of my art; it was one of the limited ways I could experience a sense of liberation. I am incredibly grateful for my upbringing in the United States, as it has significantly shaped the person I am today. Fortunately, I have discovered a medium, 3D & AR, through which I can create from any corner of the world.

Thank you for sharing that. Now to something a little more lighthearted. Can you walk me through your creative process. From beginning, to end result?

My creative process is somewhat chaotic. I think of ideas and characters, then dive into creation. Currently, I don’t follow a specific method, but I am actively striving to become more mindful and organized in my approach. Given that I’m relatively new to this, I find great enjoyment in experimenting and exploring new features. Recently, I’ve developed a keen interest in compositing and integrating photogrammetry into my 3D art.

Who do you look up to?

I look up to my mom. She’s always been someone who pushed me to be the best human I could be and I see a lot of my spirit in her. 

What motivates you?

Being an immigrant and living in fear for so long is what motivates me. Being able to create any world I imagine is a powerful drive for me.

How would you describe a perfect day?

A perfect day would entail a sense of balance and fulfillment. Any day that sparks inspiration within me is a wonderful one. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy socializing, exploring art, and connecting with fellow creatives.

Alright Sacha. I always ask these two questions at the end of an interview. The first is. What’s your favorite movie(s) and why?

I’m really into A24 productions and horror, so at the moment, I have to say that ‘Hereditary’ is my top choice. 

The second is. What song(s) are you currently listening to the most right now? 

I actually don’t have something I’m currently listening to the most right now. I love using SoundCloud because I am constantly able to find new music. I am very into DnB & Jungle at the moment. 

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