Stone Island SS24 Features Jason Statham and Tricky

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In a groundbreaking move, Stone Island‘s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign features an eclectic mix of personalities, including the renowned actor Jason Statham, the dynamic rap duo Dave and Tricky, and the skilled tennis player Henry Searle. This marks the first instance where the brand actively engages various members from its global community to embody the essence of its collection.

Captured through the lens of David Sims and curated by the visionary Hans Ulrich Obrist, the campaign unveils itself just weeks following Stone Island’s inaugural showcase at Milan Fashion Week. Obrist’s insightful touch is evident as he crafts a set of thought-provoking questions tailored for each protagonist, adding depth to the narrative.

As an innovative stride towards sustainability, the campaign introduces the ‘CLOSED LOOP PROJECT.’ This transformative initiative breathes new life into discarded fabrics and remnants, repurposing them to create a collection that not only defines style but also champions eco-conscious practices. Stone Island takes a bold step forward, turning remnants into a canvas for creativity and emphasizing the brand’s commitment to a more sustainable and circular fashion future.

Photos: Stone Island / Hans Ulrich Obrist

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