Supreme x MF Doom

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This week, Supreme has something truly special lined up: a remarkable collaboration with MF Doom, the stage name of the renowned rapper Daniel Dumile, who boasts both British and American roots. MF Doom’s moniker pays homage to the Marvel character Doctor Victor von Doom and the unique pronunciation of his family name.

Dumile’s journey in the music world began with the rap group KMD. Together with his younger brother DJ Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone Kid, they achieved widespread acclaim with their inaugural album, “Mr. Hood,” back in 1991. Tragically, a dark cloud descended during the making of their second album when Dumile’s brother met an untimely end, leading to the abandonment of the project and Dumile’s withdrawal from the public eye. Years later, he emerged with an enigmatic masked persona, and eventually, he adopted a distinctive metal mask. In 1997, Dumile unveiled his maiden MF Doom single, “Dead Bent.”

Following the release of his inaugural solo album, “Operation: Doomsday,” in 1999, Dumile embarked on a prolific journey, releasing a series of albums under various aliases until his passing in October 2020.

Now, in partnership with MF Doom’s rightful heirs, Supreme presents a captivating collection. This assortment encompasses hoodies and woolen hats in an array of shades such as gray, green, and black, alongside a T-shirt selection available in noir, purple, green, and white. These pieces are adorned with captivating imagery and graphics, all paying tribute to the iconic MF Doom persona.

The Supreme x MF Doom collection will be up for grabs, starting September 7.

Photos: Supreme

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