The Original ‘Fake Taxi’ is Up For Grabs

by Rubén Palma
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Now you can get your fingers on the original car from Fake Taxi, which is up for auction.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept (pff, liar), in all its simplicity it is porn on four wheels.

People get into a fake taxi where they end up having quite advanced sex with the driver – in the old days it’s because they couldn’t afford to pay the trip. Fortunately, the driver has a small camera in the car, which can capture the golden moments when paying at box 1 – and often box 2. Giggle.

And the starting price of the auction? 69 pounds (of course) or approx. $214.

BUT – it has nevertheless reached $ 561,000 in just 76 bids, so it stands out completely.

We’re talking about 2000 bad payers and well over 417,000 miles of gymnastics that’s been through this badboy.

And the stains? Vendors tell us that you can expect to use a chisel to get them off ..

Check it out HERE.

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