Unofficial Apple Museum to Open in Poland

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An unofficial Apple Museum is set to open in Warsaw, Poland next week (mid-April). The more than 3,400 square feet museum has been named “Apple Muzeum Polska, and will be exhibiting over 1600 historical items, with some of them dating back to 1976, with the first ever Apple Computer, the Apple Computer 1. The Mackintosh 128K from 1984, the 1997 Mackintosh 20th-anniversary computer , and the game-changing iMac G3 from 1998. To keep it short the museum will include all of the most important Apple pieces, ranging from telephones, computers, software, accessories and much, much more. In addition the museum will also be housing computer and tv-screens, displaying more than 100 hours of video footage to guide you through the exhibitions.

For more information about the Apple Muzeum Polska, check out their website.

Photos: Apple Muzeum Polska.

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