Adam Lexar adds Satire to Everyday Situations in His Paintings

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Adam Lexar (b.1990), is an interesting up-and-coming painter, who lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

In my work im interested in amateur photography that work as references for my paintings ideas. i’m drawn to humour that comes out of strange imagery and scenarios that i want to recreate. Anything can become the basis for a painting, a swordfight in the woods, golden dick on a statue or a power struggle between a cop and a civilian.
I am always lurking on the internet to find obscure imagery to draw inspiration from and to go deeper into the hole of human existence. In my search i find many similarities between different cultures in what we find to be funny, of what we choose to photograph and why. If anything that is what i want to create in my paintings, a comedy expression we can all relate to.

– Adam Lexar

For more information about Adam, check out his Instagram.

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