Another Banksy Piece Has Been Demolished

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In Kent, England, an abandoned farmhouse served as the canvas for renowned street artist Banksy’s latest creation, “Morning is Broken,” which depicted a boy opening iron curtains with a cat by his side. Sadly, shortly after the artist completed the mural, it was demolished by a construction crew. George Caudwell, one of the contractors overseeing the demolition, expressed surprise that none of the workers were aware of the artwork’s existence, and he described the news as shocking for everyone involved. The artist shared images of the piece on his Instagram and website before its untimely destruction.

“We started demolishing it yesterday. The owner of the land saw us do it and he didn’t know either”

– George Caudwell

In just a month, it’s already the second Banksy work to be removed in Kent, as the same thing happened with his ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’ mural, which was moved for the Dreamland theme park.

Photo: Banksy

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