Been Trill – The Legendary Collective That Helped Shape the Culture

by Rubén Palma
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Been Trill was a DJ and Creative collective that emerged around 2010, consisting of Heron Preston, Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams, Justin Saunders, the mysterious YWP and Florencia Galarza.

The brand was known for its bold graphic designs, which were often inspired by popular culture and internet memes. They gained a significant following on social media and was often associated with the fashion and music scenes in New York City.

While Been Trill was short-lived, its impact on popular culture was significant. They helped popularize a new style of streetwear that fused high-end-fashion with underground culture. Besides that, Been Trill was one of the first fashion brands to leverage social media as a marketing tool, particularly on platforms like Tumblr and Instagram. The brand’s use of social media to create a community of followers and promote its products has since become a standard practice in the fashion industry. The way Been Trill used digital techniques and technology in their designs, such as glitch art and 3D printing, helped bring digital fashion to the forefront of the fashion industry. This has led to a greater emphasis on the integration of technology in fashion, from virtual fashion shows to blockchain-based supply chains.

Beyond its impact on fashion, Been Trill also had a significant influence on youth culture and the wider cultural landscape. The brand’s aesthetic was heavily influenced by internet culture and memes, and its designs often featured pop culture references and symbols of youth rebellion. This resonated with young people who were looking for new ways to express their identity and connect with others who shared their interests.

After Been Trill, the founding members of the brand went on to have succesful careers and cement their legacies, with various creative projects in the fashion, music, and art worlds. Here is a brief overview of what some of them have been up to:

Heron Preston: Launched his eponymous luxury clothing brand, which has gained a following for its innovative designs and sustainable practices. He has also collaborated with brands like Nike, Levi’s, and Calvin Klein.

Matthew Williams: Went on to found his own fashion label, Alyx, which has gained a reputation for its avant-garde designs and collaborations with brands like Nike, Moncler, and Dior. In 2020, he was appointed creative director of Givenchy.

Virgil Abloh: Continued to build his brand, Off-White, which has become one of the most influential labels in the fashion industry. He was also appointed artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear line and collaborated with brands like Nike and Ikea. He tragically passed away from Cancer, on November 28, 2021.

Justin Saunders: Started his own design studio, JJJJound, which has gained a following for its minimalist aesthetic and collaborations with brands like New Balance and A.P.C.

Florencia Galarza: Continued to work in the fashion industry as a creative director and designer. She went on to work for brands such as Nike, Kith, and Noah. Galarza also co-founded a gender-neutral streetwear brand called DE LA GARCIA with her partner, Isa Saalabi. DE LA GARCIA is known for its bold graphics and oversized silhouettes, and has been featured in publications such as Vogue and Hypebeast. Galarza’s work continues to be influential in the fashion world and she is recognized as a creative force in streetwear and urban fashion.

YWP: There is less public information available about what YWP has been up to since Been Trill, but he has continued to work as a DJ and producer, and has collaborated with Virgil Abloh on various music projects. Rumors speculate that YWP is actually none other than Kanye West himself, and that YWP stands for Yeezy World Peace.

Looking back, Been Trill might have been short lived, but they had a significant influence on the fashion industry, and their impact can still be felt to this day. They helped shape trends and introduce new ideas and approaches to fashion.

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