Bravest Studios Presents The Bear Claw Mules

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Introducing the Bear Claw Mule by Bravest Studios, a unique mule-style silhouette enveloped in fur, cleverly designed to emulate the distinctive shape of a bear claw.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Bravest Studios, a brand that gained notable recognition among celebrities in 2019, has expanded its horizons by venturing into the world of footwear since September. Renowned for its luxurious basketball apparel, the brand’s latest creation, the Mule Bear Claw, stands out with its captivating resemblance to a bear’s claw, complete with incorporated nails.

Crafted from premium calf hair, these avant-garde shoes feature metal bear claws and a branded insole, emphasizing both style and quality. Noteworthy is the meticulously covered leather box that houses these mules, adding a touch of collectability to the overall presentation. To put it simply, this isn’t just a pair of shoes—it comes in a box you’ll want to preserve.

Photos: Bravest Studios

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