Carhartt “Wait in Progress” by Otman Qrita

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In a timeless tableau, photographer Otman Qrita, captures a waiting room teeming with everyday individuals, their attire embodying the adaptability and functionality that underpin every Carhartt WIP garment.

Core styles undergo a transformation, embracing washes, colors, and silhouettes that redefine their essence. Archetypes like the OG Arcan Jacket and Single Knee Pant effortlessly transition to looser, more relaxed cuts, their surfaces gently distressed to a subtly weathered finish. Meanwhile, the Garen Shirt Jacket shimmers with a two-tone stonewashed canvas.

Polycotton staples emerge in an icy palette, with the women’s Craft shirt and Master pants shimmering in mirror blue. This season’s Vista loose-fitting T-shirt program stands as a collection highlight, exemplifying the brand’s commitment to versatility and enduring style.

For more information on this captivating collection, delve into the depths of the Carhartt WIP website.

Photos: Otman Qrita

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