Vault by Vans x Gallery Dept.

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Vault by Vans and Gallery Dept. are unveiling an exclusive lineup, showcasing a quintet of sneaker designs influenced by the distinctive skate culture of the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Josué Thomas, the visionary behind Gallery Dept., immersed himself in Vans’ historical archive to reimagine the Rowley XLT model, which made its debut in 2001. This silhouette served as the iconic footwear for Geoff Rowley, a stalwart member of Vans’ skateboard team.

Transporting us to the turn of the millennium with a nostalgic flair, the updated Rowley XLT LX boasts a blend of premium leather and suede, characterized by generous and exaggerated forms, a robust ankle structure, and a plush tongue. The collection spans five captivating colors: Blue Steel and Neapolitan, flaunting distinctive color interplays; Giraffe, adorned with an animal motif and a textured surface; Multi, featuring vibrant color blocks throughout; and Flame, showcasing a zebra-patterned side stripe and an ankle graphic bearing the inscription ‘Art That Kills.’

Commencing November 10, all five models from Vault by Vans and Gallery Dept. will be accessible through the Gallery Dept. website. Specifically, the Blue Steel and Neapolitan editions will be up for grabs starting November 11, accessible via the Vans website and select Vault by Vans outlets.

Photos: Vans / Gallery Dept.

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