Christian Louboutin “Astroloubi”

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Christian Louboutin is unveiling the Astroloubi, marking the freshest addition to their sneaker collection. This particular design takes its cues from the 90s urban fashion scene, incorporating elements that harken back to the iconic basketball and skate shoes of that era. Anticipate its launch in a spectrum of five color combinations, spanning lively tones reminiscent of the 90s, gentle pastels, and a sleek minimalist rendition. In terms of materials, the selection spans from supple calf leather to velvety suede, lustrous satin, and sophisticated laminated nappa.

Noteworthy characteristics abound, including the edgy spikes adorning the rear, the prominent ‘CL’ emblem embellishing the outsole, and, naturally, the signature red sole that’s unmistakably Louboutin. The shoe’s engineering prioritizes comfort, boasting a lithe, stretchy tongue and a cushioning ‘cupsole’ underfoot.

Engineered to claim the title of the brand’s most featherlight and luxuriously soft footwear, it’s set to be revealed amid the festivities of Men’s Fashion Week. Come August 2023, this groundbreaking design will be officially launched, catering to the tastes of both men and women.

Photos: Christian Louboutin

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