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During the fashion festivities of Paris in February, Colm Dillane, the creator of KidSuper, revealed his Fall/Winter 2023 collection with the catchy title “Funny Business.” The grand showcase unfolded at the Casino de Paris and was graciously hosted by the renowned Tyra Banks. The runway dazzled with appearances from Dillane’s funny friends, including Jeff Ross, Yvonne Orji, Stavros Halkias, FARY, and Andrew Schultz.

After this spectacle, Dillane has now introduced the collection to everyone. The jackets are jazzed up with illustrations of Dillane’s face, crafted by boldly blending luxurious fabrics. Complementing them, the pants in matching hues carry similar illustrations along their sides. Denim jackets, twinned with coordinating pants, flaunt graphics that meander across the entire attire. Meanwhile, the knitted pieces proudly showcase KidSuper’s signature emblem, adorned with nods to the Casino de Paris runway event.

Button-down shirts burst forth with watercolor patterns that grace their entire form, while a pair of jeans elegantly embroiders the origin story of KidSuper’s inaugural store. The collection embraces a variety of T-shirts – some featuring the charming “Kissing Bags” logo, others channeling the playful spirit of the collection, and a few illustrating the whimsical “KidSuper Museum.” Knitted hats dance with the brand’s distinctive pattern, while lively scarves round off the ensemble.

You can already find the first wave of this collection at KidSuper’s online store, inviting you to step into the world of “Funny Business.”

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