Dominika Kováčiková’s Paintings Depict the Struggle of Fitting in and Desire for Acknowledgment

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The main themes in Dominika Kováčiková’s works are adolesence, loss of innocence and trouble with fitting in the adult world like a grown up human being through the womans eye. The “heroine” from Dominika’s paintings have a huge desire for acknowledgment and achievement in the “mans world“, the world of grown ups, so they are prepared to fight for it, even when they are fragile from the traumas they went through as teenagers.

“Through my work, I am trying to show the viewer what it is like to experience trauma in adolescence and how such an individual tries to cope with it during his life. From personal experience, I know that it is not easy at all, and that is why I have been dealing with the issue of trauma in adolescence. My goal was also to close a sensitive and not very happy chapter of my life just by materializing it and processing it into my paintings.”

– Dominika Kováčiková

“One of the themes i am also trying to portray love. Raw, painful, yet beautiful and fragile.So how can I capture love in my art? Intimacy, innocence and its loss, and of course the constant doubt about self-love, are thoughts that come to mind when I paint my heroines. They are in constant tension, defending themselves against further unfulfilled expectations. However, the feeling of danger fills them with the desire to want more. More attention, more love, more passion and, finally, more betrayal and harm, which, however, remind them that they are alive and able to continue to love either themselves or others.”

– Dominika Kováčiková

For more information about Dominika, check out her Instagram.

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