Gentle Monster x Overwatch 2

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In anticipation of the forthcoming release of Overwatch 2: Invasion, the renowned brand Gentle Monster introduces the Gentle Tokki bundle, an offering that combines tinted sunglasses named ‘TOKKI’ with exclusive in-game skins.

The ‘TOKKI’ sunglasses ingeniously reimagine D.Va’s iconic helmet through the distinct Gentle Monster aesthetic. This product, available in two captivating shades, is presented in a specially crafted box inspired by D.Va’s transport robot, the TOKKI mech. The box boasts a soft case that cleverly incorporates design elements reminiscent of TOKKI’s mechanical structure. Furthermore, it comes accompanied by an attachable D.Va figurine, culminating in a truly immersive experience.

Contained within each bundle is an exclusive code, affording users the privilege to unlock GENTLE TOKKI D.Va exclusive skins and other in-game elements.

The GENTLE TOKKI skin will be purchasable for a limited period within Overwatch 2, commencing on August 17th. The GENTLE TOKKI edition bundle, featuring the collaborative sunglasses, will be exclusively gifted to fortunate winners chosen via an online draw.

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