MSCHF Unveils Medical Inspired AC2 Mules

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Once more, the world of medical footwear serves as a wellspring of creative inspiration for the brand, resulting in the birth of a slip-on silhouette that ingeniously integrates a complex system of straps, stretching gracefully across the midfoot region.

The foundational hue, a steadfast gray, stands its ground, while the return of black accents, notably in the form of the strap and the foam toe cap, makes a triumphant reappearance. Crafted with a focus on minimal weight, the construction showcases the fusion of EVA foam and MSCHF’s proprietary WOWCOMFY! technology. Beneath its exterior, a meticulously molded neoprene lining plays the dual role of cushioned comfort and dedicated reinforcement, further underscoring its commitment to ergonomic design.

Launching on August 22, the fresh iteration of MSCHF AC2s will be available for acquisition, priced at $115 USD. Enthusiasts can secure their pairs through the official MSCHF website and the MSCHF app.

Photos: MSCHF

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