GIGI Studios Presents The Black & White Collection

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The Black & White capsule assortment comprises six distinct models, embodying GIGI Studios‘ deep appreciation for visual harmony and its unwavering quest for beauty found in the interplay of proportions and lines.

Within this exclusive limited edition collection, Black & White acetate laminations pay homage to Op-art and the realm of optical illusions. These creations artfully balance light and shadow, yin and yang, capturing the very essence of form and design. Rather than relying on an array of vibrant colors, Black & White delves into the realm of subtlety and precision. This capsule collection reimagines one of the most captivating and revolutionary artistic movements through eyewear, making a bold statement about style and avant-garde personality.

The Black & White capsule ensemble comprises three sunglasses and three eyeglasses, all meticulously crafted from the finest Italian acetate. Among the sunglasses, you’ll find CONTRAST, featuring a striking square shape; VICEVERSA, a robust model with a hint of cat-eye flair; and CHESS, an oversized geometric masterpiece.

Innovatively, each of the sunglasses in this capsule line is presented in three distinct black and white laminations. From a frontal perspective, three fresh designs emerge: the square-shaped EXTREME, the rounded profile of ANALOG, and the geometric marvel known as ILLUSION. These designs artfully interplay black and white in various ways, ranging from subtle to contrasting, symmetrical to asymmetrical. Each model offers two unique combinations of these two core colors.

Photos: GIGI Studios

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