Gucci Continuum X Barbour Re-Loved Unveils a Collection Infused with Romanticism, Harmony and Love

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Barbour Re-Loved and Gucci Continuum continue on their mission to reconstruct fashion by repurposing existing products and fabrics, minimizing their ecological footprint. These two eco-conscious endeavors now converge to craft a textile offering of 12 pieces using the upcycling technique, breathing new life into leftover materials.

Gucci’s Continuum initiative, a platform uniting emerging and established designers to explore the brand’s archives in innovative ways, collaborates with Barbour to introduce a collection that rejuvenates romanticism. This collaboration seamlessly blends the timeless British style of Barbour’s outerwear with repurposed Gucci fabrics.

This sustainable creative alliance gives birth to eight gender-neutral jackets, three vest waistcoats, and a bucket hat, offering an aesthetically pleasing escape into the cottagecore realm. Enriched with Gucci’s signature themes like ‘Flora,’ ‘Equestrian,’ ‘English Gardens,’ and ‘Night,’ these elements sprout alongside representational motifs such as flowers or structures in Tom Ford’s memorable red velvet. Noteworthy iterations include Barbour’s Bedale jacket waxed with waistcoats crafted from discarded Gucci bags.

Rooted in a century-long heritage of British country values, Barbour has consistently crafted enduring cotton jackets—a commitment echoed by Barbour Re-Loved, dedicated to reconditioning garments and extending their lifespan, as highlighted in the collaborative notes.

Gucci Continuum x Barbour Re-Loved embarks on a journey from the South Shields factory in the North East of England to the vast outdoors. This collection of jackets engages in a dialogue about tradition, craftsmanship, and the enduring value of garments designed to withstand the test of time.

Photos: Gucci / Barbour

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