IKEA Unveils First Clothing Capsule “EFTERTRADA”

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IKEA has just released its first official clothing capsule. The Swedish design company will launch the product range through their Harajuku store in Tokyo.

IKEA Japan

Called “EFTERTRADA“, the capsule includes a T-shirt, a hoodie, an umbrella, a handbag, a set of towels and water bottles. Most of the items in the range come in white, accented by the firm’s blue and yellow logo. The organic cotton hoodie comes with a large barcode printed on the front, “Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden” appears at the top of the motif, followed by a black model number below that refers to the popular BILLY shelf by IKEA. As a final note, the “IKEA” brand is stamped on the back. Other pieces such as the white and yellow water bottles, the folding umbrella and the ecological bag complete the set.

It will be available for pre-sale on July 31 on the IKEA Japan website.


Photos: IKEA Japan

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