Introducing Worms Rumble, A Real Time “Battle Royale” Game

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Battle Royale is everywhere, and after Fortnite’s success with the multiplayer option for the younger audience, game developers are scoped in that direction.

Now Worms is ready to introduce Worms Rumble. Instead of timed rounds, Worms Rumble is a real-time “strategy” game that pitches up to 32 individual players against each other.

Unlike good old Worms games, the new game only seems to let players control one worm at a time – but still with wild arsenals of the good old weapons – and possible upgrades to “your” worm.

Worms Rumble premieres on November 6, and will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 – while the PC version will be released in December, with crossplay between the three platforms from day one.

Photo: Youtube

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