Louis Vuitton Celebrates 200th Birthday With New NFT Collection

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To celebrate it’s 200th birthday, the legendary luxury house Louis Vuitton, will release 10 unique NFTs you can win by playing Louis Vuitton’s mobile-app game “Louis The Game“. To break it down, you follow the games avatar “Vivienne”, whom you can dress up in a variety of LV garments. The goal is to collect the free and informative NFT postcards, where players are educated about Louis Vuitton’s unprecedented 200-year old history. The players who reach a certain level in the game, will qualify for the raffle, where you will be able to win one of the prestigious NFTs.

So far details about the NFT collection has yet to be released. But what we do know is that it has been created in collaboration with The Godfather of NFT’s, Beeple, who sold “The First 5000 Days”, at Christie’s, back in March of 2021 – and his startup company Wenew Labs and sister company Possible.

The competition to win one of the exclusive NFTs, will run until Louis Vuitton’s birthday on August 4, and the raffle is expected to be held shortly after.

Photos: Louis Vuitton

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