Jan Możdżyński Raises Important and Personal Topics in His Paintings

by Rubén Palma
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Jan Możdżyński (b. 1986), lives and work in Warsaw, Poland. In 2018 he graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Through his work, Jan raises important and personal topics that are focused on feminism, gender identity, sexual minorities and stigma related to sexual preferences.

Body related topics are very important for my work as protagonists of my paintings are often mixed-gender hybrids. Queer identities are present in many of the female and male bodies on the canvases. As well as numerous fetishes realized by the BDSM community and related items. In my works, I try to capture situations related to role-playing, to disintegrate what is traditionally understood as masculine and feminine. Sometimes I take up permeation of the virtual world of computer games with the real world, and recently Im finding many sexual shapes in music instruments and try to make my own guitars. I also do boxing and run free boxing classes for friends and strangers.

– Jan Możdżyński

For more information about Jan, check out his Instagram.

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