K-Way® Unveils New Skiwear Collection

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Drawing inspiration from its rich outdoor history, this latest collection seamlessly blends fashion and top-tier performance, offering adaptable attire crafted for both the slopes and everyday wear. The newest collection encompasses a comprehensive ski ensemble, covering from head to toe, inclusive of a jacket, coordinated pants, a fleece liner, and protective goggles.

Employing a triple-layer twill, the jacket and pants boast wind-resistant and waterproof features. These key elements merge effortlessly with a corresponding fleece lining, resulting in a sleek and well-coordinated ensemble. The collection extends to include a fleece-lined hooded pullover equipped with water-resistant pockets, showcasing the distinctive winter sports palette in shades of blue, red, and white. Adding to the lineup, the brand introduces a technically advanced windbreaker jacket featuring a structured hood.

The new K-Way® collection is available now, on the K-Way® website.

Photos: K.Way

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