Lee Jang Kae Express The Nuances of Dislike in His Paintings

by Rubén Palma
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Lee Jang Kae (b.1994) and based in Seoul, Korea. For his artworks he usually use oilpastels.

“Expressions such as “uncomfortable” and “bothering” are “unhappy” feelings that you feel when an object continues to care. These negative emotions make you focus on the object so much that you can’t shake it off. Each person has a variety of objects that have “dislike” feelings, but it is more annoying when it is trivial or ambiguous. This is because it is insignificant to move on, but it exists and is uncertain to accurately grasp. I paint a picture that exudes the nuance of ‘dislike’. The viewer will focus on the painting until he reaches his own conclusion. Even if you give up on this, the image will make the viewer feel uncomfortable for a while.”

– Lee Jang Kae

For more information about Lee, check out his Instagram.

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