Lil Durk Unveils 7220 NXTG3NZ NFT Company and Sneakers

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Lil Durk is no stranger to NFTs. Back in January the Chicago rapper joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club, by purchasing Bored Ape #9977, for 79 ETH, or $259,000.

Now, Durk has teamed up with Satoshi Designs and Nexus to create his very own NFT company called “NXTG3NZ“, which has unveiled its first NFT collection called “7220 NXTG3NZ” – consisting of 10.000 unique digital sneakers. 10 physical pairs of the kicks will be released, but can only be won if you already own one of the NFTs. The winners will be randomly chosen by Durk himself, on his instagram live. The collection is designed by Devonte ‘Black’ Young, and holders will also have the opportunity to design a pair of sneakers with Devonte and his creative team.

“We’re here to show the world you don’t have to be a genius or have 5 degrees to learn the NFT and Crypto space. As we understand the process, we’re teaching the community in terms they understand.”

–  Stally, CEO of Satoshi Designs.

For more information about NXTG3NZ, click HERE. In the mean time, listen to Lil Durk talk about his NXTG3NZ venture below.

Photos: NXTG3NZ

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