Louis Vuitton Unveils New 3D-Printed Shoe “LV COBRA”

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Crafted under the creative direction of Zellerfeld, the LV COBRA offers a manifestation of Pharrell’s imaginative perspective in his role as the artistic director of the fashion house.

Pharrell introduced this cutting-edge model at Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2024 showcase in Hong Kong, underscoring his commitment to innovation. Mathias Patillon, the lead designer for footwear at the company, offered an intricate preview on Instagram, unveiling the amalgamation of textures and the intricate floral monogram engraving distinctive to the brand. Featuring ventilation perforations for enhanced comfort, the shoes graced the runway in elegant off-white and black variations.

While a specific release date remains undisclosed, the LV COBRA is poised to represent a substantial leap forward in 3D printing technology within the realm of luxury footwear. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Photos: Louis Vuitton

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