Mike Tyson Talks About the Time he Had Tigers – Calls Himself an Idiot

by Rubén Palma
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Besides being a historic boxing champion and a living icon, Mike Tyson was also known for his many escapades. Among the many whims that he allowed himself, he notably owned two adult white-tigers on his property in Las Vegas. The boxer had made them his pets even though they belonged in the wild: he played, bathed and slept with them. During a live Instagram session with rapper Fat Joe, Tyson said: “I was an idiot. There is no way to domesticate these “cats” 100%. No way. They can kill you by accident, especially when you play with them and repel them. They get excited, hit you back and bam, you’re dead, “he said. Check out the full exchange between the two men below and stay tuned for more updates.


Photo: Youtube

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