MM6 Maison Margiela SS23

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MM6 Maison Margiela, has unveiled a captivating new collection featuring a range of elements such as necklines, exaggerated pants, beige trench coats that have been elevated through haute couture craftsmanship, and square-cut blazers or vests cinched to the body, all complemented by parachute-style pants.

The collection showcases a captivating series of sinuous pieces, characterized by deconstructed aesthetics or crafted using Tyvek fabric. This silver, lightweight, and uniquely wrinkled material serves as the foundation for innovative garments, including a prom dress adorned with asymmetrical ruffles. In line with the brand’s transformative philosophy, baggy pants have been transformed into XXL joggers featuring darts, while knitwear has been refreshed through contemporary designs. Additionally, the brand presents a reimagined version of its archival polka dot print, now presented in vibrant acid greens, purples, and blacks, adding a striking touch to flowing dresses and pleated skirts.

The collection’s accessories make a statement, with the introduction of the XT-4 silhouette in collaboration with Salomon. The Numeric bag, which made its debut last season, returns in both mini and large versions, crafted from black leather and available in shades of sage and lime green. Lastly, the iconic anatomical shoe makes a comeback in the form of green satin ballerinas and low boots featuring transparent resin heels, creating an eye-catching and fashionable statement.

Photos: Nikki McClarron

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