Nanamica SS24

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Tokyo based Nanamica’s, Spring / Summer 2024 collection, arrives with a lookbook that categorizes the line into three distinct styles: “The Regular Ease,” “Light Layering,” and “Easygoing Vibes,” each boasting unique designs, cuts, and materials.

Under “The Regular Ease,” emphasis is placed on a tailored fit, showcasing an array of jackets, cozy sweaters, and roomy trousers specially crafted for outdoor pursuits. In the realm of “Light Layering,” the collection unveils a multitude of uncomplicated silhouettes ideal for everyday wear during warmer seasons. This category includes essentials like shorts, windbreakers, vests, and T-shirts featuring advanced Coolmax technology. Finally, the “Easygoing Vibes” selection adopts exceptionally lightweight materials, applied ingeniously to jackets, shirts, and shorts, delivering a carefree and comfortable aesthetic.

Photos: Nanamica

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