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New York clothing brand NOAH, and Danish furniture / design brand GUBI, has teamed up and created a collection that oozes of “a carefree coastal lifestyle.” The intergenerational collaboration was unveiled at this year’s 3daysofdesign festival in Copenhagen, and is inspired by both brands’ signature aesthetics and each brand’s values and locations.

The protagonist of the collection, is the: MR01 Outdoor Lounge Chair, by Mathias Steen Rasmussen, made of iroko wood with a relaxed leaning position. 

In addition to the MR01 outdoor lounger, the collaboration between NOAH and GUBI extends to an enticing collection of apparel and accessories, encompassing five carefully crafted pieces that draw inspiration from nautical references. The range encompasses a beach towel, a waterproof 5-panel hat, a swimsuit, a tote bag, and a boat-neck sweater, all designed in colors that echo the vibrant hues found in the chairs of the collection. Each item in this thoughtfully curated assortment reflects the coastal lifestyle theme, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in a cohesive and stylish experience both indoors and outdoors.

“The design of the MR01 is so classic that I wanted to add an old-fashioned artistic expression and a practical element to the design as an alternative to something that is already perfect, so I ultimately used weather-resistant nautical rope (…) I envisioned four chairs sitting together on the beach all afternoon and into the evening, bringing an intentional vibrant energy to each space and making a concise, positive statement.”

Estelle Bailey-Babenzien, co-founder of NOAH

“We met Estelle and Brendon of NOAH in New York in 2022 at the launch of GUBI’s collaboration with textile artist and streetwear pioneer Camilla Ehlke (…)  We discovered that GUBI and NOAH shared a passion for the carefree coastal lifestyle, and we began exploring ways we could work together to marry NOAH’s American east coast vibe with GUBI’s own Copenhagen waterfront roots.”

Marie Kristine Schmidt, Chief Brand Officer of GUBI

The NOAH x GUBI collection, will be released, June 15, on the NOAH x GUBI websites and stores, as well as Storm Fashion in Copenhagen.

Photos: NOAH / GUBI

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