Acne Paper Issue 18 “The House of Acne Paper”

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Acne Studios, unveils its latest annual publication, the enchanting “House of Acne Paper” edition, immersing readers in a fictional mansion adorned with innovative design, art, and modern cultural artifacts.

Within the 18th installment of Acne Paper, the esteemed Swedish brand graciously invites readers to venture through the threshold of a celestial dwelling, comprising nine distinct rooms and an enthralling garden. With each turn of the page, the reader is treated to a captivating display of talent and beauty that resonates within every corner.

This photographic tome is thoughtfully divided into ten enthralling chapters, each presenting compelling narratives from a curated selection of renowned creators. Unveiling an eclectic ensemble, the pages come alive with intriguing contemporary designs alongside iconic elements from the annals of decorative arts. Under the same roof, a constellation of surreal objects, antiques, and masterpieces coexist harmoniously. Delight awaits within the intricate wall decorations crafted by visionaries such as El Anatsui and Hiva Alizadeh, the evocative paintings by Francis Picabia and Jacques-Émile Blanche, as well as the stunning furniture designed by the likes of Hannah Levy and Rick Owens.

The paper also feature, intimate conversations and interviews with ten prominent figures hailing from the realms of art, design, architecture, performance, literature, and interior design. From the very cover, adorned with Pablo Bronstein’s masterful creation—an Art Deco villa embellished with a celestial temple and graced by two elegant Pierrot figures—one can already anticipate the resplendence that awaits within.

With its 18th edition, Acne Studios once again delves into its unique interpretation of the art and design world. This publication stands as its most monumental endeavor to date, amplifying its own narrative and visual language to glorious heights. It is through this ambitious project that Acne Studios reaffirms its dedication to exploring and celebrating the boundless realms of creativity.

Photos: Acne Studios

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