OFFGOD x A.SOCIETY Uveils Surreal Collection

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Drawing inspiration from the character Vern and guided by the ethos of “embracing the notion of coexisting with diverse identities,” a trio of cutting-edge sunglasses models has emerged.

Transporting us to a futuristic realm, these avant-garde accessories are the result of a collaboration between eyewear brand A. SOCIETY and the highly regarded 18-year-old artist Andrew Mok, also known as OFFGOD. Recognized by industry heavyweights like Pharrell and ASAP Nast, Mok’s surreal designs promise to teleport us to another galaxy.

Presented as ‘VERN,’ ‘MORPH,’ and ‘FORM,’ these three distinct silhouettes captivate not only digital natives but also those with an affinity for the extraordinary and peculiar. Infused with vibrant hues like yellow, accompanied by crystals, metallic accents, and fluid shapes, these sunglasses embody the avant-garde aesthetic demanded in the current year. As an added bonus, the inaugural model seamlessly integrates with AirPods Max for a seamless audiovisual experience.

The collection unveils Andrew’s new chapter through the recurring character of Vern, a fictional character in the form of a supervillain who represents his current practice” we can read in the description of the collection. In the words of the creative himself, “Vern is a supervillain alter ego that has been created and marks a new era, not only in my aesthetic but also in my mentality. The mask presents going against the grain, thinking outside the box, not being afraid of being judged by the general public, but being daring enough to do something that no one has seen or wear something that people wouldn’t normally wear.


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