Patagonia Settles With GAP After Plagiarism Accusations

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Following the legal action initiated by Patagonia against GAP, for allegedly copying its iconic Snap-T sweater, the two brands have reached a settlement. Although specific details regarding the case remain undisclosed, the judge has dismissed the lawsuit as both parties have mutually agreed to drop their claims.

Several months ago, Patagonia publicly criticized the striking resemblances between GAP’s design and its renowned snap-flap pocket sweater, as well as the distinctive “P-6” mountain logo. Patagonia expressed concern that GAP’s imitations could dilute the uniqueness and exclusive association of Patagonia’s famous trademarks. The company stated, “GAP’s infringements have or may potentially diminish the distinctiveness of our well-known mark, which has become synonymous with Patagonia.” Patagonia firmly believed that the similarities in GAP’s designs were intentional and purposeful, emphasizing the willful and deliberate nature of the copying.

Patagonia further expressed apprehension that customers might mistakenly perceive the GAP design as one of Patagonia’s collaborative efforts or even as an original Patagonia product itself.

While the specific terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, this resolution brings an end to the legal dispute between Patagonia and GAP, thereby resolving their differences outside the courtroom.

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