Patta FW23

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The Autumn-Winter 2023 collection from Patta, takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the early 2000s, paying homage to those days filled with the excitement of discovery at every turn. It was a time when, if you were fortunate enough, you would travel to other cities in search of authentic gems in second-hand stores. Prices were still reasonable, and the allure of vintage had not yet permeated mainstream culture; it remained a shared secret within certain subcultures.

Patta’s FW23 collection recreates that sense of exclusivity, presenting a curated selection of pieces closely tied to camouflage and timeless patterns – garments that evoke the essence of the second-hand stores from the 2000s, where surplus army apparel blended with preppy American styles.

The collection’s first release will July 28, available on the Patta website, and at the physical stores in Amsterdam, London, and Milan.

Photos: Patta

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